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Aluminum forging

We can date the discovery of aluminum to 1825, but it was only revealed to the world in 1855, when its price was still competing with the price of gold and its name was silver from clay. Although it was originally used to make jewelry, due to its beneficial properties, it is now mostly used in industry and manufacturing technology, especially in the vehicle industry, construction industry, food industry, mining, and the energy and electrical industry. In 2005, our company bought the aluminum forge plant in Székesfehérvár. After renovating and modernizing the plant’s equipment, we can undertake the forging of copper and bronze products in addition to aluminum. Due to their excellent properties, aluminum and copper products can be produced in countless qualities and forms.

What products do we produce with aluminum and non-ferrous metal forging?

  • LKW piston,
  • compressor pistons and cranks,
  • gear-pump parts,
  • gas cylinder neck rings,
  • air cylinder pistons,
  • car parts,
  • electrical industrial components,
  • electrical power transmission assemblies,
  • parts of personal and cargo lifting equipment
  • household gas bottle covers,
  • hydraulic pump covers,
  • airport baggage container parts.

With aluminum and non-ferrous metal forging, our products can typically be ordered between 0.05 and 16 kg, in the following material qualities:

EN AW 6082, 7075, 5754, 6060, 6005A. Cu-ETP

Why choose us for aluminum forging?

Our company was the first in Hungary to obtain the ISO certificate, followed by the ISO TS 2016 IATF certificate in 2007.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art technological equipment, production is carried out in a large-scale manner, but quickly, accurately and precisely.

The following equipments can be found in our production hall: Forging presses: Weingarten 2.50 MN, Hasenclever 4.00 MN, Weingarten 7.00 MN, Hasenclever 12.50 MN

In the last eight years, we have improved the service of the existing presses:

for the dimensional accuracy and productivity of raw material cutting, AMADA saws we installed pre-forging heating by modernizing GAUTSHI furnaces and installing Roboterm induction heaters, we modernized post-forging heat treatment with PLC control.

We introduced ultrasonic and penetration testing for product quality control.