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Aluminum forging

In 1825 from the discovery of aluminum was in front of the world, but in 1855 was uncovered only when the name of the aranyéval was very clean and agyagezüst. Although at first jewelry made from it, due to the beneficial properties are now in industry and applied the most, especially the tbred-b offered automotive, construction, food processing, mining and energy, and electrical industry. In 2005, our company was bought by Phoenix aluminum kovácsüzemet. Renewal and modernisation of the plant's equipment after the air out of copper and bronze products we can also set up a kovácsolására. Due to the excellent properties of aluminium and copper products in the form of numerous agents and can be configured. What kind of products we produce aluminium and non-ferrous forging?

  • LKW piston
  • compressor pistons and connecting rods,
  • gear pump parts
  • nyakgyűrűk gas cylinders,
  • léghenger Pistons
  • motor vehicle parts,
  • Electric Industrial components,
  •  electric power fittings
  • and load-hoist equipment parts
  • household gas cylinder cover,
  • hydraulic pump covers,
  • Airport package shipping container components.

Aluminium and non-ferrous forging of products between 0.05 and typically 16 kg can be assigned to the following anyagminőségekben: EN AW 6082, 7075, 5754, 6060, 6005A. CU-ETP on the occasion of the alumíniumkovácsolás why choose us? Our company has obtained the first in Hungary, ISO certificate, and then in 2007, the ISO/TS 16949:2002 certificate. Thanks to the modern technology for large-scale production in berendezéseinknek way, but quickly, accurately and precisely. The technical properties of the products, the long-term and DIN1749 standard. The following facilities are available in gyártócsarnokunkban: Kovácsprések: Skoda 0.63 2.50 MN, MN, Weingarten Hasenclever 4.00 MN, Weingarten, Hasenclever 12.50 7.00 MN MN for the past eight years, we have developed the service to existing presses: cutting raw material to AMADA méretpontossága and productivity before the heating rods for installing GAUTSHI forging furnaces and induction heating installation korszerűsítettük Roboterm after heat treatment, PLC controls we've seen forging has been forged in the minőségellenőrzésénél ultrasonic and penetrant inspection products we have introduced.