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Tenders-Heat treatment


Beneficiary name: FLANSCH-TECH Kohászati Termék és Szerelvénykereskedelmi Korlátolt
Felelősségű Társaság

The subject and purpose of the development: Supporting the investment of FLANSCH-TECH Kft. for technological development.

The amount of contracted support: HUF 340,922,290

The project:

Thanks to the program Flansch-Tech Kft. will be able to execute investments, which will provide the growth for the company and also the acquiration of clients.

In the asset acquisition the following assets will be purchased:

-oil hardener – tempering furnace

-washing equipment

-tool holding system

-milling machine

Thanks to these equipments the working procudes will be more precise and more easier to carry out.

The other big part of the program is the modification of the current hall so that it will be able to provide the right space for the tools which will be purchased, and also for that the manufacturing procuders will be executed properly.

Moreover, because the entreprise is highly exposed to the price fluctuation, a solar system will be installed too, so that the costs can be planned much more better.

Thanks to the leadership training, the working procedures can become more effective, and supports the effecient operation of the organization.

Planned completion date of the project: 31.12.2022.