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Steel Trade


The steel structural elements due to the exceptional durability and versatility of one of the most widely used, Due to the steel trade which still forms a significant part of the market is. For this reason, steel trade market segments of interest in high quality expectations of continued challenges. But our business…


Aluminum forging


The aluminum 1825-re was the discovery of, but before the world was excavated in 1855 only, When you find the name of the aranyéval price of agyagezüst was very clean and. Although at first jewellery made from it, due to the advantageous properties are now in industry and applied the tbred-b offered the most, especially in the automotive industry, building industry…


Steel Forging


The iron is one of the differentiating the steel one of the most widely used construction material. Countless combination allows for versatile use, almost every industry use some form. The steelmuch of the place is the construction industry products, in the automotive industry, the electric industry and energy…


Our company was founded by exploiting this huge market in 1994. The primary goal of the hot-rolled round steeland serving the domestic market demand for billets were established on the, But today, our main profile is the alumíniumkereskedelem, thecélkovácsolás and the aluminum forging Latvian. Next we wanted our sites and our factory is located in the former Csepel reconstruction, with the success of our customers' satisfaction accurately shows. Sales of our sites in pleasant surroundings for our customers to choose the most appropriate number to hot rolled steel barsto. Over the years, built up a reliable partnership relations with a permanent guarantee for the high quality and favorable prices, because the fundamental direction of our suppliers as a condition determined by the ISO 9001 quality management system standard existence. But as suppliers to the expectations of the ISO certification, is it on ourselves, Our first certificate 1999 In March, we got to. Which 2003 In January DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 we switched off according to standard quality management system, whose existence has in itself always guarantee a high quality. However, not only the continuous development of our high-quality, but thanks to our commercial policy should also, because our ultimate objective is to increase customer service and increase the standards of. As a result, in 2005, again a big evolved as regards production. Our company bought it this year in Szekesfehervar aluminum forging plant, which since 1950 has reported a swaging, the aluminum and the production of alloys docks products market. What areas of the recycled aluminum forgingsal and steel forgingsal products?

  • vehicle industry,
  • food industry,
  • building industry,
  • mining,
  • Energy Industry,
  • electrical industry,
  • etc. ...

2007-In Székesfehérvár plant is obtained ISO / TS 16949:2002 certificate. We looked to repeat the same expansions this year, we started with bronze and copper products to meet customer needs forgingthrough, and bought the Csepel die steel smithplant. Completion of the renovations was ready to die forgingt of steel and its alloys, which 0,5 and 12 We in kg.