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Steel forging

Our company ventured into steel forging in order to expand its product line.

In 2007, by purchasing the die-stamping forge plant in Csepel, we created an opportunity to satisfy the needs of customers interested in forged steel.

After the renovation and modernization of the plant, steel forging is carried out with unbroken success until this day, meeting the dimensional tolerances according to the DIN EN 10243 standard and the specific technical specifications of the product.

Since 2007, additional locations have been established. Thus, we already serve the needs of our customers interested in forged steel products at two more locations (Érd, Zalaegerszeg).

Our forge plant in Csepel has ISO IATF 16949 certification. Our Zalaegerszeg plant operates according to the ISO 9001 quality management system.

We undertake steel forging using the die-stamping process, from steel and its alloys:

  • For larger series, for products weighing between 0.5 and 12 kg, at our Csepel and Érd site,
  • Our factory in Zalaegerszeg specializes in smaller series and larger sizes (0.5-20 kg).

What products do we produce during steel forging?

  • rotating bodies
  • shaped products (e.g.: connecting rods, spring pads, towing hooks, etc.)
  • axes
  • other parts

Our steel forging plant has its own tool shop, where we design the necessary tools using Cero CAD software, Edgecam, Simufact, for even greater precision. Thanks to our modern infrastructure, steel forging is carried out according to the individual needs of the customer, with a short deadline and favorable prices. Our pressing machine and deburring press are able to produce the desired products productively.