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Steel forging

The steel is one of the various industries. Countless combination allows for versatile use, almost every industry applicable in some form. Much of the steel products perfect place in the construction industry, in the automotive industry, the machinery industry and the energy sector. The steel components are usually manufactured by forging the finished product to drop to the approximate shape. The mechanical properties of ötvözéssel steel components can be provided. Kovácsüzemeinkben ötvözőket the following steels are used with:

  • nickel
  • manganese
  • vanadium
  • chrome

Our company for the purpose of the acélkovácsolásba, the termékbővítés. In 2007 with the purchase of the Csepel factory we have created an opportunity to drop the blacksmith forged steel to satisfy customer needs are also interested. The renewal and modernisation of the plant acélkovácsolást after the date of its continued success in the DIN EN 10243 standard tolerances are in accordance with the specific technical requirements of the product. Our factory is ISO/TS 16949:2002 certified. We drop procedure Acélkovácsolást: steel and ötvözeteiből, between 0.5 and 12 kg piece weighing products. What kind of products we produce to the acélkovácsolás?

  • balancing of rotors
  • moulded products (e.g. hajtórudak, rugópárnák etc.)
  • axes
  • other spare parts

Acélkovácsolás our own szerszámüzemmel with the necessary tools to design using AUTOCAD, the even greater precision. Thanks to the modern infrastruktúránknak acélkovácsolás according to the customer's individual needs, rapid deadlines and favourable prices. Sajtológépünk and présünk are able to produce the deburring productively products.