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Steel trade

The exceptional durability of the steel due to the diverse and one of the most used structural elements of the steel trade, which to this day is one of the defining part of the market. That is why the stocks of steel trade market segments to meet the high quality expectations of continuous challenge.

Since 1994, our company seeks to meet this challenge and meet the needs of its clients to a maximum of steelcommercial.

  • Hot-rolled or forged steel products our customers need both. In our warehouse you will also find a wide range of dimensions in cast iron rods.

Acéltermékeinket the car and commercial vehicle industry, energy, construction, mining equipment industry, food industry and mechanical engineering.

Steelcommercial Center for everyone in the business is well known in the territory of the old Csepel Works, where the warehouses are renewed and upgraded cultured atmosphere of shopping.

In order to ensure the customer convenience the following services are still available at the time of the steel trade:

  • cutting to size products purchased
  • thermal treatment of purchased products
  • the carriage of the products purchased by customer demand schedule
  • special inspection and certification, and a quick example. impact test, texture and grain size of steel purity test, (salakosság), ultrasonic and magnetic error checking

Our own logistic trucks or bérfuvarozóval are available on request, payment of an agreed-upon drop-off fee. Delivery of the ordered products throughout the country, in the morning on weekdays and Sundays. In the afternoon the same day delivery orders up to cast kettőig it happen!

Our warehouse is open from Monday to Friday: 06:00-14:00

Our Office is open from Monday to Friday: 06:00 pm: 30.16