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Steel trade

Steel trade

Because of the diversity and exceptional durability of the steel it is one of the most used structural elements, from which the steel trade is one of the dominant part of the market. That is why to meet the high quality expectations of the market segments belonging to the interest of steel trade, is a continuous challenge. But our company…

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Aluminum forging


The discovery of aluminum can be dated to 1825 but it was shown to the world only in 1855, when its price was competing with gold, and its name was “silver from clay”. Although at first jewelries were made of it, due to its beneficial properties, nowadays it is most used in the industry and production technology, especially in the automotive and construction industry…
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Steel forging


Steel is one of the most widely used alloy of iron, used as structural material. Countless combination allows for versatile usage, it is applicable in some form almost in every industry. Steel products perfectly hold their own place place in the construction industry, in the automotive industry, the electrical industry and energy industry…

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Forging, which is represented in almost every sector, is one of the oldest professions. It has retained its significance to this day, as it forms the basis of industrial production. Our company was founded in 1994 by taking advantage of this huge market opportunity.

Our primary goal was to serve the domestic market demand for hot-rolled round steel and rods, but now our main profile has become the steel trade, steel forging and aluminum forging.

Our next goal was the renovation of our site and plant, located in the area of the former Csepel Works. The success is demonstrated by the satisfaction of our customers.

At our sales location, our customers can choose the most suitable hot-rolled bar steel in a pleasant environment.

The reliable partnerships we have built up over the years are a permanent guarantee of high quality and favorable prices, although we have defined the existence of a quality management system according to the ISO 9001 standard as a basic condition for our suppliers.

Just as ISO certification is an expectation for our suppliers, so is it for ourselves.

We received our first certificate in March 1999.

In January 2003, we replaced it with a quality management system according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standard, the existence of which in itself is a guarantee of always excellent quality.

However, we thank our continuous development not only to high quality, but also to our commercial policy, because our basic goal is to increase and increase the level of service to our customers.

As a result of this, in 2005 we made great progress again in terms of production.

That year, our company bought the aluminum forge plant in Székesfehérvár, which has been present in the market of forging and the production of products made from aluminum and its alloys since the 1950s.

In which areas can aluminum forging and steel forging products be used?

  • automotive,
  • food industry,
  • construction,
  • mining,
  • energy,
  • electrical industry,
  • etc. ..

In 2007, our Székesfehérvár plant obtained the ISO/TS 16949:2002 certificate.

In the same year, we faced repeated expansions.

In order to satisfy customer needs, we started forging bronze and copper products, as well as purchased the Csepel drop-cast steel forge.

After the renovation work was completed, we were able to start the drop forging of steel and its alloys between 0.5 and 12 kg.

For our forging plants, we provide the tools in our own turning and tool manufacturing plants, where we also have free capacity.