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Heat treatment


In 2010, our company renovated and put into operation the heat treatment line located in the Csepel forge plant. The system was created primarily for the heat treatment of forged parts. It has an Aichelin-type transfer two-zone gas furnace and four melting furnaces. Two of the warming ovens can be heated to a higher training temperature! All our ovens are equipped with air mixing for more homogeneous batch properties. We can train in two types of media – emulsion and oil.

Possible technologies:

  • quenching and tempering,
  • normalization,
  • isothermal annealing,
  • tempering
  • stress relieving

In 2021, the company committed itself to the development of heat treatment. Thus, at the Érd site, we opened Hungary’s largest heat treatment plant with a vacuum furnace – intended also for contract heat treatment. Here, it is mainly possible to heat treat alloyed tool steels. With this development, the company supported the service of its forge plants more, since it can no longer only manufacture the tools itself, but can also carry out the entire heat treatment of these tools in-house.

In the year 2022, with further planned expansion, a modern double chamber oil vacuum furnace was put into operation. Here, it is possible not only to heat treat tool steels, but also to refine or cement standard medium-alloy products.

Possible technologies:

  • quenching and tempering (with nitrogen overpressure or oil cooling under vacuum),
  • stress relieving
  • vacuum cementation technology (FineCarb®),
  • tempering,
  • annealing.

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