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Hot-rolled products in Stores rolled rounds and billets are suitable for plastic forming (more commonly, továbbhengerelésre), as well as cutting. Hot-rolled quality characteristics of our products are feltüntettve in the following table.

Táblázat a minőségről
Field of use The rules relating to the Grades Previous similar standards for steel materials
Of non-alloy steel of general purpose EN 10025-1 EN 10025-2 S235JR S235J0 S235J2 S355J0 S355J2 S355JR MSZ, DIN 17100 500 GOST 380
Case hardenable steels EN 10084 17NiCrMo6-4 C15E 16MnCr5 C10E MSZ, DIN 17210 31 GOST 1050
Nemesíthető steel EN 10083-1 EN 10083-2 C22E C60E C55E C40E C35E C45E C50E MSZ, DIN 17200 61 GOST 1050 GOST 4543 GOST 14959
EN 10083-1 EN 10083-3 34CrMo4 42CrMo4 51CrV4
Automatic steels EN 10087 11SMn30 steel 9smn28 MSZ, DIN 1651 4339


1. Normal-sized rolled rings: Ø 15-150 mm diameter range.

4337: MSZ-easily controlled; 1981; DIN 1013

2. Large rolled rings: Ø160-300 mm diameter range.

Easily controlled; 160-215: Ø 2.5 mm Ø mm ± 220-300 mm diameter ± 1.5% of Rectitude: Ø 160-215 mm in the length 0.5% of Ø 220-300 mm length 1% length: 6.2 m 3 at the request of the customer, cutting a thread, we can produce the required length.

3. Billets: 50-200 mm laptávolság.

1986: MSz 357-easily controlled;